Donate to MOPS! Why? 
Fredericksburg MOPS is a non-profit 501(c)3 organization, and all donations are tax exempt! Contact us for the Federal Tax ID number

The slogan of MOPS is "Better Moms for a Better World" . Our goal is to enrich mothers in the greater Fredericksburg area. 
There are varied operating costs for a successful operation. 
We utilize both membership fees and money raised through fundraising to support the activities of our group. 
Additional donations will help fund the group for both mothers and children. You could also select to fund the costs of our under-resourced mothers in the area. Your support would be noted on our website and newsletters. 
In-kind donations would also be appreciated, we can always accept craft materials that might be useful (please contact us for suggestions). 
We'd love donations of food and beverages or hospitality supplies for our meetings. 
Last but NOT least, the donation of TIME would be very welcome. 
If you are interested in helping care for children in our MOPPETS program, ages infant through age 5, please let us know